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Domain Registration Advice

If you are new to the domain registration process then you may not realise what is involved in it. Well one of the first steps that you need to ensure when it comes to registering your domain name is assuring that you have the right to register/transfer the domain name of your choice you need to search and ensure that your desired name is available. Once you have confirmed that the name you would like is available you can move on to registering, which is a lot easier than you think.

If you are considering or you are in the process of registering a domain name then you might want to consider using an ICANN accredited registrar. This comes highly recommended as these registrars have entered into an official agreement with ICANN that states they will meet minimal requirements for providing domain registration. If you would like more information about what ICANN is all about then I advise that you take a look at ICANN’s website.

If you are new to the domain registration process then you may be asked to setup a free new account as part of your order process. Once your account is setup you will be required to provide contact information, which will be publicly available through the WHOIS database. Once your information has been entered into the WHOIS database anyone can then go into it and enter your domain name to see who has registered it.

The act of domain registration is the process by which a company or individual can secure a website domain. Once you have completed your domain registration the domain becomes yours for the period of the contract, which is usually one year. Before registration expires it must be renewed. If not the domain reverts back to being available to the general public.

Once you have registered your domain name it will take a few hours or even in some cases up to a few days for people to be able to see your domain online. Until this time your domain will be what is known as ‘parked’ and it will be labelled as being under construction. Parking a domain that you have just registered is very inexpensive and most registrars offer this service for merely a small fee. This gives you time to produce and construct all of the content that you want to place on your site then when you are ready to supply the content you will have to get a web server to host the domain. The registrar that you have used might also provide a hosting service but you may wish to transfer your domain to another web hosting company.

It is important that you note that ordering web hosting services is a separate process from domain name registration and DNS modifications. If you are hoping to register your domain then it is advised that you contact a couple of domain registrars to find which one will provide you with the best service at the best price.


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